Tullio Crali – A Futurist Life Exhibition

On January 14, 2020, a monographic exhibition dedicated to Tullio Crali will open in London, in the prestigious headquarters of the Estorick Collection.

The exhibition follows the one organized, with great public and critical acclaim, by the Municipality of Monfalcone at the beginning of 2019 and is the first exhibition abroad completely dedicated to the artist after his death in 2000. Actually, some works of Crali had already been hosted by the Estorick Collection in 2005 in the exhibition “Futurist Skies- Italian Aeropainting” and even earlier, in that of 1998 entitled “Balla and Futurist Italy”.

On this occasion, the rooms of the Gallery will host numerous works by the Artist, appropriately selected by the curators of the exhibition, Barbara Martorelli and Christopher Adams, chosen from among the most representative of Crali’s long pictorial production – oils, tempera, drawings – but also his multi-material works and his “sassintesi”.
There will be many aircraft works shown, as well as works from early Cralian production, including drawings and watercolors that reveal his early interest in contemporary artistic experiments.
The exhibition also offers visitors the opportunity to view the richly illustrated pages of some of the artist’s diaries spanning a long period of time (from 1951 to 1985), testifying to his interest in the cultural context that he was protagonist of for many years, as well as for art forms distant in time and space. These pages are small masterpieces in themselves!
The Futurcrali Association is deeply grateful to the Director of the Estorick Collection, Dr. Roberta Cremoncini, without whose generous availability and interest in Tullio Crali’s work the exhibition would not have been possible.